New Photo Of Beheaded American Journalist Steven Sotloff Raises Eyebrows

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A photo of the recently beheaded American journalist Steven Sotloff is circling the web is raising quite a few eyebrows. Seen on the back of a militarized pickup truck, Sotloff is seen holding onto the back of a vehicle mounted high caliber machine gun.

The first thing that should be made clear, is that the video above was created by a man who goes by the name of DABOO7. Known very well throughout the conspiracy circles, its safe to say this man is a leading head in the tin foil hat brigade.

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In the video, he tries to convey the ease that certain entities have in interjecting an “agent” into the field under the cover of a journalist. Furthermore, DABOO7 states that the photo was posted to the web days after his execution signifying that he is currently fighting with Syrian terrorist forces.

Although the thought is far from being verified, the photo (which also has yet to be authenticated) is raising questions. The first of which being; why was Sotloff, a journalist in the area, handling a belt-fed machine gun? Could he have been fighting, or could he have just wanted a cool picture?

Most, who have seen the photo, are leaning toward the latter. Let us know your thoughts on the matter in the comments below.

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