Man Shuts Down Ignorant Cops With Knowledge Of His Rights

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This video poignantly illustrates just how important it is to know your Constitutional rights. After two cops attempted to enter his home without a warrant, Avel Amarel schooled them with his healthy knowledge of what they were and were not permitted by law to do.

Once again, we have an instance of law enforcement abusing their authority. The cops who showed up at Amarel’s door tried to get inside the residence based solely on the fact that they were “looking for a wanted felon.” When Amarel asked them for ID, the officer appeared dumbstruck, and replied, “You want to play games?” He also appeared to have quite a problem with the fact that Amarel was videotaping the exchange.

Watch the video clip to see who won in this battle of wits. Then, show this American patriot your support in the comments section!

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H/T: infowars

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