Phil Robertson Responds To Critics: “People Have Reason To Hate Me”

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In the new issue of Us Weekly, Phil Robertson defended himself once again over the controversial comments he made last year to GQ Magazine. “I don’t worry too much about people hating or insulting me. I’m a sinful man, and I’ve made a lot of mistakes. People have reason to hate me,” he remarked.


“All I did was quote a passage of scripture from antiquity. They’re mad at me, but I’m really just quoting what God said, so He’s the one they have a problem with,” Robertson furthered.

He also defended comments he made which some construed to be racist. The 68-year-old remarked:

“We don’t look at people like black, white, and brown. We’re all members of the human race … I was just giving my experience. The point I was making was that even when our black brothers didn’t have their civil rights, those people had that one thing the government couldn’t take from them: their faith. They would sing spiritual songs as they were going across those cotton fields.”

A little known fact is that the reality star, who is now very wealthy, used to pick cotton alongside blacks during the 1960’s, before marrying Miss Kay and having four children.

The Robertson family patriarch is currently promoting his new book, unPHILtered: The Way I See It, which is sure to be a best-seller. He took a Biblical stance on gun violence as well, saying, “It’s never been a weapons problem. It’s a human heart condition of anger and hatred. If people loved God and loved each other, the last thing you would ever contemplate is to murder your neighbor.”

The Left continues to attack Phil Robertson and the rest of his God-fearing family every chance they get. However, the Duck Dynasty clan is still at the helm of a hugely successful empire. The family seems entirely unaffected by criticism of their Christian values, which are what they use their popular reality TV show to promote.

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