Glenn Beck On Hillary 2016 Run: “Oh My Gosh, She’s Going To Win”

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2016 is quickly approaching and despite the Right’s best attempts to come up with a suitable candidate the Left already has someone in mind – Hillary Clinton. In an astounding admission, none other than Glenn Beck has recently announced that Hillary is, “going to win,” by simply riding the coat tails of her husband.

Thinking that Benghazi is a reasonable argument against Hillary has all but been rendered null and void as even Beck relays, “we lost that one.” No one seems to care except the right, and the Left simply wants those arguing it to let it go – its obviously not hindering their decision when it comes to Hillary anyways.

Noting that these problematic flaws that would ordinarily deem a candidate unfit for President, Beck points out that, with the help of the main stream media, these horrific instances have been portrayed as mere, “technicalities.” Instead however, Hillary is going to simply lean upon the times of her husband to gain any and all support she needs to take the White House.

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With a, “wasn’t it nice,” type mentality, all Hillary need do is simply remind the people of life when Bill was President. After all, things were good were they not? The economy was great, war wasn’t as prevalent as it is today – Americans were living the highlife (or so to speak).

This shocking realization is what Glenn Beck states lead him to the baffling conclusion saying, “oh my gosh, she’s going to win.” Have we not learned anything as a nation?

According to the words of Thomas Sowell, “Those people who want Hillary Clinton elected president, so that we could have our first woman president, seem to have learned absolutely nothing from the current disaster of choosing a president on the basis of demographics and symbolism.”

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