Startling New Details About American Man Who Died Fighting For ISIS

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29-year-old Abdirahmaan Muhumed fled the United States last year to fight with ISIS in Iraq and Syria. He only made headlines after he died while fighting with the terrorist organization, leaving behind nine children. Now, startling new details about Muhumed’s past have emerged.

The DailyMail has reported that Muhumed’s previous employment included a job with Delta Airlines, where he would clean their jetliners. The American terrorist had security clearances that granted him special access to Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, which is quite a chilling detail. Delta handles around 90,000 passengers a day, and Muhumed had unrestricted access to all of their planes and tarmacs. We are awfully lucky that he left the states and then died before he could kill any Americans.


Propoganda: One of the last known photos of Muhumed, which was circulated on social media sites for ISIS.

This report comes shortly after the FBI released their most current list of the domestic terrorism threats facing the Unites States. The list mentioned several Conservative groups, yet completely ignored radical Islamists.

ISIS has recently posted threats to America, saying, “We are in your state, we are in your cities, we are in your streets.” Though Obama has no plan for how to deal with the radical Muslim organization, clearly, their words should be taken seriously in light of recent reports.

ISIS has been relentless in their social media campaigns to recruit new members from around the globe, and their efforts are paying off. Muhumed is the second American citizen who has died fighting for them thus far, that we know of. Pictures of his body were sent to his family two weeks ago as confirmation of his death.

The radicals who fight for ISIS give no thought to what their families will do in the event of their death. Muhumed left behind nine children, who will undoubtedly struggle without him to provide for the family. They will most likely end up a burden to the American tax-payers that their father was fighting against.

Delta Global Services has not yet responded to this shocking report. Be sure to let us know how you feel about all of this in the comments section.

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