McDonald’s Has Epic Response To Obama’s Plan To Raise Minimum Wage

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Democrats have been harping on the idea of raising the minimum wage for awhile now. It sounds nice to their voter base, which is comprised of people who don’t like to apply any sort of logic to public policy. Their argument is that we need to pay American workers a “living wage.”

Here’s the problem with that. Nobody is expected to raise a family while making minimum wage or to grow old on a salary of $8 an hour. Minimum wage is intended for those who are just starting out. It’s meant for the 16-year-old high schooler working at Dairy Queen on the weekends and the college kids waiting tables while they earn their degree. Then, those same people who used to make minimum wage move on to bigger and better things. Their knowledge and experience are worth more than minimum wage.

If you do not possess the work ethic or motivation to make your skill set worth more than minimum wage, that’s your own damn fault.

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In addition to that logic, which progressives have chosen to ignore, there’s the fact that raising the minimum wage would have detrimental affects on the economy. Businesses would be forced to let a large part of their workforce go. Then those people would be making no wage, as opposed to the Left’s idea of a “living wage.”

McDonald’s is one company who pays their entry level employees minimum wage and thus would be gravely affected if Obama decided to raise that dollar amount. They decided to respond to the President’s disaster of an economic plan with this picture:


Technology can do many of the jobs which American laborers are now responsible for, and for a much cheaper price. If the Democrats succeed in raising the minimum wage, entry level jobs will be replaced by machines and computers. Today’s unemployment numbers will be minuscule compared to the stats that roll in when a computer is taking your order at the drive-thru.

What do you think of McDonald’s response to Obama’s plan to raise the minimum wage? Sound off in the comments section!

H/T: Conservative Tribune

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