Phil Robertson Offers Strategy On ISIS: “Convert Them Or Kill Them”

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While Obama still has absolutely no plan of action when it comes to dealing with the radical Islamic organization ISIS, Phil Robertson has shared his opinions on how the extremists should be handled. When the Robertson family patriarch sat down with Hannity to discuss his new book, the conversation quickly turned to the Islamic State.

Robertson had brought his Bible to the Fox News set, joking, “I never leave home without my Bible and my woman, Hannity. That’s good advice for you.” He used the Bible to reference several passages which pertain to the evil in the world. Then he shared his strategy for dealing with ISIS, saying, “Convert them or kill them.” He admitted that the first option would be almost impossible to do.

I hope Obama was taking notes during Phil Robertson’s interview, but I won’t hold my breath. Let us know what you think of his opinion in the comments section!

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H/T: Mediaite

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