Retired Lt. Colonel: Obama “Has a Real Psychological Problem”

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Much has been said about Obama over the years, but perhaps the most astounding remark has only been recently made. While discussing Obama’s reluctance to address real problems in the world, specifically ISIS, Lt. Col. Ralph Peters relayed that Obama, “has a real psychological problem.”

The remarks took place on Fox News’ “Hannity,” where the two were discussing how Obama was being briefed for about a year now on the terrorist group known as ISIS. During that time, Peters conveyed:

“My personal analysis on this is that the reason he didn’t want in-person briefings, is because he just didn’t want briefings at all. He said ‘I’ll take them electronically,’ and that doesn’t mean he read them. He probably, at most, skimmed through the parts that didn’t interest him about Islamist terror, etcetera. And so, he was basically, in my view, throwing away the hard-one inputs our intelligence community was trying to send to the White House.”

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Eventually, Peters suggested that perhaps Obama was being honest when explaining that he hadn’t been warned, but it was really his own fault. Proving time and time again his negligence for anything he’s not interested in, Obama has proven that he has a real problem.

“I’m starting to feel like he [Obama] can’t make a decision–that we have a president who has a real psychological problem–that he can’t face responsibility, and certainly not the responsibilities of his office,” Peters hit his point home saying. “He doesn’t even want to be in the Oval Office. He wants to be on the road, he wants to be at fundraisers. We may just have a president who is incapable of rising to the challenges of the office.”

Peters went on to conclude, “the world thinks this greatest superpower in history is weak, and indecisive, and can’t move, and is afraid. They think we’re afraid. They think the American people have turned into cowards, which WE HAVE NOT!”

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