9/11 Fears Surface As Terrorists Steal A Dozen Commercial Airliners

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As Muslim extremists continue to become more and more powerful while Obama does nothing more than twiddle his thumbs, a recent incident has caused room for concern.   As 9/11 lurks just around the corner, many are now worried that the 12 commercial airliners recently stolen by Islamist militias could be intended for an anniversary attack.

Officials describe that on or around the date of Sept. 11, terrorists could use the recently hijacked planes in an attack somewhere in Northern Africa. Further detailing the critical nature of the entire ordeal, one official stated, “There are a number of commercial airliners in Libya that are missing. We found out on September 11 what can happen with hijacked planes.”

Along with the Sept. 11 attacks in NYC over a decade ago, the date also shares the anniversary with the attack on the Benghazi consulate as well. Although targets are unknown at this time, as well as if an attack is imminent, officials are urging caution and governments are on high alert.

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Furthermore, Libya, at the moment, is facing the outcome of being taken over entirely by Muslim extremists. As Egyptian officials are considering intervening in the area to ensure that the area doesn’t come under the violent rule of Islamist extremists, others are speculating that the planes may be used in an attack against the government.

As videos have come to show, terrorists in the area were recently able to take over, at least a portion, of an American Embassy where some soldiers were seen diving from the balcony into the pool. Today, although unrelated to the aforementioned concerns, ISIS extremists beheaded the second American Journalist in as many weeks after blaming Obama for forcing their hands.

How long will it be until Obama finds it necessary to intervene? How many more attacks must happen? How many more Americans must die? How many more American territories must fall under Islamist control before he says enough is enough? Will he ever reach this point?

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