Mongoose Picks Fight With Four Lions, You Won’t Believe Who Wins

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Photographer Jerome Guillaumot came across an amazing scene at the Masaa Mara National Park in Kenya. Four lions attempted to take down a small mongoose, the outcome of which you would assume to be fairly predictable. But, in this case, the mongoose turned out to be quite the formidable opponent. 1409655675497_wps_35_EXCLUSIVE_MAASAI_MARA_KEN Guillamot whipped out his camera and was able to capture the exchange between the resilient rodent and it’s aggressors. At one point, the mongoose is able to find refuge in a nearby hole, but decides that it would rather continue to fight than be cornered by the lions. 1409655768305_wps_37_EXCLUSIVE_MAASAI_MARA_KEN (Read More: Overnight Battle Ends In Catastrophe When Two Lions Take On Giraffe) 1409655557711_wps_32_EXCLUSIVE_MAASAI_MARA_KEN The 54-year-old photographer described exactly what he saw:

“She was watching out for the lions that were still around. Then against all odds, she ran out of her hiding place and the fight resumed. Why did she take this risk? Impossible to know. But she was still fighting fiercely. In some way, the confrontation changed. The lions seemed confused, uncertain what to do.”

1409655643769_wps_33_EXCLUSIVE_MAASAI_MARA_KEN Guillaumot explained what was going through his mind while he witnessed the incredible show:

“Of course I was sure at this time that the mongoose would not escape this fight. The most extraordinary part of this sequence is the fierce defence of the mongoose and how it’s determination made it possible for it to face it’s opponents and eventually escape.”

1409655755534_wps_36_EXCLUSIVE_MAASAI_MARA_KEN We could all take a lesson from that fearless mongoose who refused to give up! Tell us what you think of this awesome story in the comments section! H/T: MailOnline

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