Justin Bieber Gets Arrested, Violates Probation, Likely Getting Deported


September 2, 2014 11:27am PST

Americans are overjoyed tonight as it was discovered that Justin Bieber was arrested yet again and is facing deportation. In his latest temper tantrum, the young star rammed his ATV into a van full of paparazzi and then proceeded to assault them.

Bieber has proven himself to be, time and time again, nothing more than a reckless rich boy with a short fuse. After egging his L.A. neighbors over the summer, he was placed on probation to ensure he’d keep his nose clean – or so the authorities thought.

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While cruising around Perth County, Ontario, with Selena Gomez on the back of his 4-wheeler, he was in an accident with a van full of paparazzi. After dismounting his vehicle, Bieber entered into a physical altercation with the photographers and was arrested by police.

According to TMZ, “he now faces charges of dangerous driving and assault.” Seeing how this is a direct violation of his probation, there is a good chance his visa will be swiftly revoked sending the Canadian sensation back home where he belongs.

The only question here is; will these charges stick, or will he somehow weasel his way around the consequences like he always does?


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