Andrea Tantaros Won’t Apologize For Criticizing Radical Islam, Liberals Furious


September 2, 2014 11:53am PST

Last week, on Fox’s new show Outnumbered, co-host Andrea Tantaros made a statement which sent liberal heads spinning. In reference to the beheading of photojournalist James Foley at the hands of ISIS terrorists, Tantaros remarked, “You can’t solve it with a dialogue. You can’t solve it with a summit. You solve it with a bullet to the head. It’s the only thing these people understand.”

Now, the Asian American Journalists Association is calling on Fox and Tantaros to make a public apology. They released a statement, saying:

AAJA calls for Tantaros and Fox News to apologize for the irresponsible, inflammatory statements. We also call on Fox News to discourage its journalists from making blanket comments that serve to perpetuate hate and Islamophobia.

As you might suspect, neither Tantaros or Fox News plan on apologizing for the statement. Tantaros tweeted as much, saying, “I will not apologize for speaking the truth about radical Islamic jihadism. Period.”

Fellow Conservatives were quick to cheer Tantaros on via social media.

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