Horrific Racist Attack Caught On Camera, Women And Children Spat Upon

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Although we’d like to assume that racism is on the decline, there seems to be no end in sight when it comes to the actual bigots worth mentioning. Although an Australian restaurant owner says he’s been subjected to racist attacks in the past, he says this time, his daughter and wife were targeted as well.

The incident began when Raj Sharma’s daughters were playing outside of his Indian Mehfil restaurant where they were approached by two men. Apparently after having slung a few bigoted remarks around, the girls went inside and told their mother who promptly went out to investigate.

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Feel free to watch the entire incident here:

Unfortunately however, she only subjected herself to further attacks and quickly retreated to the restaurant where the men were said to follow her. All caught on tape, the two men were seen spitting on the women and children all while hurling even more racist remarks.

“It’s terrifying what is happening,” Mr. Sharma explained. “[The man] looked like he wasn’t in control of what he was saying at the time.” The men demanded he and his family, “go back to their own country” and went so far as to call them “f**king curry munchers.”

Reportedly, the man became so violent at one point, he picked up a chair and threw it through the restaurant’s entrance before being dragged away by a friend. Infuriated by what his family had experienced, Sharma added, “This needs to stop. They need to be thrown out of the city.”

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