Drunk Muslims Attack Bar, Threaten to “Kidnap An American And Behead Him”


September 2, 2014 8:09am PST

Hypocrisy across the world truly knows no bounds and a pair of drunk Muslim extremists recently proved just that. After stumbling into a bar already sloshed and being denied a drink, they immediately began attacking the bar, its patrons and even “threatened to kidnap an American and behead him.”

As it’s been made public time and time again, Muslims strongly discourage drinking alcohol where some have even been beheaded for it in the past. Despite the men being conscious of the beheading aspect, the boozing couldn’t have been further from thought for 54-year-old Faisal Albagdadi and 30-year-old Ahmed Hindi.

Apparently drunk upon their arrival, the two men walked in to Jus’ Beachy Pecker’s Pub and tried ordering a few more drinks. When the bartender declined, the men flew into a fit of rage and began attacking anything and everything within sight.


It wasn’t long before police got a call where a woman, presumed to be an employee of the pub, stated, “I need cops at Jus’ Beachy Pecker’s Pub immediately. I got a huge fight going. I mean they’re tearing (expletive) up,” she relayed to 911 dispatchers. “We wouldn’t even serve him when he came in, he was so drunk.”

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As the duo’s tempers continued to flare, it wasn’t long before the caller exclaimed, “They’re using chairs and everything else.” According to Click Orlando, “Deputies said the men smashed six bar stools, threw several glasses that cut one woman in the eye and beat up a couple of men. At one point, the fight got so out of control, the dispatcher couldn’t get a hold of the caller.”


The shouting became so intense that it was heard over the phone but the men shortly thereafter left. Upon their escape however, the bar owner followed the men out and jotted down their license plate number to give to police.

Police quickly tracked the men down and arrested them where they explain that Hindi, although denied the fight, was compliant. Albagdadi however didn’t go as easily as responding officers report he even threatened to, “kidnap an American and behead him, once he’s released from jail.”

Both men are facing criminal mischief and battery charges and the bar has since reported that the men were responsible for $1200 worth of damage.


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