Obama Reveals Controversial Reason Why He Married Michelle


September 2, 2014 6:58am PST

As Obama bumbles down his path of destruction, it seems yet another target has been set despite its obvious flaws. When recently speaking on raising the minimum wage, he informed a crowd that he would break down the GOP and, once again trying his hand at comedy, stated, “that’s how I got Michelle to marry me.”

The remarks came about while speaking at the Laborfest festival in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where he explained that over time, GOP will eventually break under pressure. “If I cared about these things, I’d also want more Democrats looking out for me,” Obama noted. “I’m just saying. Because when the rest of the country is working to raise wages, but Republicans in Congress won’t, it ain’t right.”

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Turning his sites on the protests during recent days in an effort to raise the minimum wage, he assured them that over time, Republicans would eventually open up to the idea. “We’ll break those folks down,” he added. “We’ll just stay on them. We’ll just keep at it. That’s how I got Michelle to marry me — I just wore her down. Persistence — you just stay at it.”

As common sense would dictate, the GOP has in the past voted against the terrible idea. With the added expenses to employers, costs to consumers would drastically go up in order for company owners to afford paying their employees after the hypothetical mandate.

Welcome to the $15 whopper.


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