Hot Girl Pulls Gun On Students Trying To Haze Her

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A lighthearted Mexican university prank went horribly wrong this week when a young freshman pulled a gun on the upperclassmen trying to haze her.

According to Metro UK, the prank started with older students trying to take pictures of the female freshman without their consent. According to the university’s traditions, the pictures would later be used to make fake social media accounts for the new students.

When this video starts, the girl has already asked the obnoxious students to stop taking pictures of her. When they ignore her, she whips out a handgun and screams at them in Spanish.

“Do you feel lucky? Is that why you’re ignoring my request not to take our picture?” the girl yells as the once cocky upperclassmen cower in fear.

She then puts the gun in one of the student’s faces and yells “Don’t take my picture” before putting the handgun back in her purse and walking away.

Something tells me the older students won’t be messing with this freshman again…

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