Aggressive Thug Messes With The Wrong Man, Gets Shot By Undercover Cop

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CCTV footage has recently been released after an undercover officer shot a non-compliant thug.

The incident reportedly began when a security guard found the man, Marlon Horton, sleeping inside the local store and kindly asked him to leave. He then became extremely belligerent and left the store.

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The same security guard followed Horton from the store and, a short while later, found him urinating on a company vehicle where he then entered into a physical altercation with the female security guard, knocking her down twice and even ripping out a handful of her braids.

As Horton tried to make for the guards firearm, he was approached by another man who announced himself to be a police officer. After being told he was under arrest several times, Horton charged the officer, and despite his demands that he yield no further, the crazed man continued until he was shot.

The officer used restraint and shot the man a single time in the chest.

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