Democrats Caught Trading Cocaine For Votes


September 1, 2014 12:56pm PST

In a report that may not come as a shock, a few Texas Democrats were recently discovered to be dabbling in the black market to progress Liberal ideals. All discovered during a Federal investigation, two Democratic politicians were discovered to be purchasing cocaine and then using it to trade for votes come election time.

The news comes out of Hidalgo County where the commissioner used cocaine to trade for votes while other politicians, “paid for votes also with cash, cigarettes, marijuana and beer,” according to Breitbart. As the court records demonstrate, the illegalities took place back in 2012 where the commissioner’s campaign manager purchased $50 worth of cocaine – known in the streets as an 8-ball – where she was then said to use it to lure in voters.

The investigation began in early 2013 when federal agents approached the campaign manager who, incidentally, rolled over on his manager. According to him, the manager bought the cocaine to be used in exchange for votes.

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The manager spilled the beans as well after being questioned by Feds and said they also bribed constituents to vote a certain way during the school board election for Donna ISD. Along with the cocaine, they also used cash, beer, cigarettes, and marijuana any way they could in order to secure more votes.

Politiquera Donna

Politi Quera

Sadly, it appears as though political corruption is running rampant in South Texas as the commissioner isn’t the only recently accused. As per the aforementioned incident, Donna ISD School board president Alfredo Lugo hung himself after agents arrested fellow politicians for accepting the previously described, “cash, beer, cigarettes, and marijuana.”

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Add to the list Hidalgo County Sheriff, Lupe Trevino, as he’s currently in the middle of serious litigation regarding a few run-ins he’d had with a Mexican cartel. After accepting bribes from the cartel, where he would take the cash and pump into his campaign fund, he’s now facing an almost guaranteed 5 years in prison.

Even more recently, the former Mayor of Progreso, as well as his father and brother, were arrested after being accused to running a monopoly of sorts. After coming into full control of the city and school’s contracts, the three were said to extort money by offering the job only after having been personally paid handsomely.

Is this a serious threat to what America stands for, or does this, although unfortunate, sometimes come with the politician package?


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