Black Conservative Goes On EPIC Rant: Stop Blaming “Racism” For Your Problems

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Since the election of the first ever “African-American” President of the United States of America, it seems that race relations have actually taken a turn for the worse. Instead of empowering blacks, it seems that only more excuses, and arguments in favor of themselves, have been made available but not everyone is so pleased about it.

One black Conservative spoke out about just that in an epic rant recently demanding fellow blacks stop using slavery and racism as an excuse and actually try to take accountability for their actions.

The rant derives from the lips of Frederick Wilson II who kicks off his spiel by simply stating, “Black people: It is 2014. Hate to break this to you, but if your life is messed up, it ain’t because of slavery…Slavery ended a long time ago.”

As history progressed, so did Wilson’s argument saying that despite blacks being quite disadvantaged after slavery, the civil rights movment helped level the playing field. “Civil rights, fifty years ago,” he added. “I don’t know if y’all know this: we won. Google it.”

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Eventually, he went on to say that if there are problems in someone’s life today, its rather simple to look around and figure out exactly where the issue derives. “So in 2014 if your life is messed up, look in a mirror, figure out what you’re doing, what you’re not doing, take some personal responsi-damn-bility for yourselves, for your lives.”

The first step to fixing these problems however, Wilson describes is taking accountability for not only your own actions, but your community’s as a whole. “If you live in a messed up neighborhood, let me give you a little advice: stop messing it up,” he continued. “Ain’t no rich white man sneaking into the neighborhood in the middle of the night, spray painting graffitti, peeing in the hallways. George Bush ain’t out in the neighborhood selling crack on the corner.”

Finally giving some hard hitting advice, Wilson urges blacks to, “Get an education, get a job, better yourself, better your situation.” He finally concludes by suggesting others, “Have some pride in yourself, take some responsibility for your life. Everything is not somebody else’s fault. Sometimes it’s just you.”

Is it really that simple? Feel free to watch the entirety of Wilson’s rant above and let us know what your thoughts are exactly on the matter by dropping up a comment below.

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