Malia Obama’s Latest Vacation Outfit Raises Eyebrows


September 1, 2014 12:23am PST

16 year-old Malia Obama seems to be asserting her independence this summer as her risqué outfits continue to raise eyebrows. According to The Daily Mail, the teen was photographed on Sunday returning to The White House with her family wearing basically just a shirt.

Pictures show Malia wearing a button down shirt that ends just below her waist…and nothing else. The First Daughter looks as if she’s embarking on a walk of shame after a wild night of partying instead of returning home with her parents.

Many are saying that Malia is showing off an awful lot of leg for a young high school student, and we are inclined to agree. I guess Michelle has been too busy controlling what the rest of us eat to look at her own daughter’s wardrobe…

What do you think? Is Malia’s outfit inappropriate for a President’s daughter? Let us know in the comments below!


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