Police Brutally Take Down 10 Year-Old Autistic Child

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A shocking photo released this week shows police handcuffing an autistic child and laying him out on a police cruiser. According to The Free Thought Project, Police were called to the boy’s school when teachers lost control of him.

The boy’s mother, Elaine Maldonado, explained what happened.

“He had difficulty being redirected which resulted in a really bad meltdown. My son made threats to harm himself with scissors which were accessible to him from the teacher’s desk. The principal did not call us, but did call law enforcement to have him Baker acted.

The teacher did call my husband and he arrived at the school within minutes and 10 minutes before law enforcement. Upon his arrival he was told that he could not see Ryan because he would be interfering with an investigation and would risk being arrested.

When three law enforcement officers arrived to the classroom, Ryan was still very upset. They proceeded to drag him down the hall, passed by my husband who was very upset and placed him on the trunk of the police car on one of the hottest days of the week (100 degrees if not higher – police officer states this in his report ) and handcuffed him in front of the school and held him down on the hot car for several minutes before communicating to my husband that they planned to baker act him.”

The Baker Act, also known as The Florida Mental Health Act of 1971,  allows for the “involuntary institutionalization and examination of an individual.” It can be initiated by police, as well as other officials of the law.

Mrs. Maldonado says that they were thinking about also pursuing legal action against the local police, but decided against it when the Chief of Police made it clear that he “stands by his team.”

Ryan’s family is livid that school officials did not let his father see him and instead called police. They are now considering taking legal action against the principal who called the cops.

“If he (the principal) was so concerned that he would harm himself why would he wait 10 minutes for the cops to arrive?” Ryan’s mother asked reporters. 

Though the legal battle is only beginning for the Maldonados, they fear that the damage to their son has already been done.

“He doesn’t want to return to school. And he continues to repeat everything he heard administration and law enforcement talk about – Baker Act etc.”



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