This Woman Used To Be A Journalist, Now She Charges $800/Hr. For Sex

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There is a disturbing trend sweeping the globe amongst the most liberal of women. Mothers are living a double life, playing the prim and proper housewife by day, then moonlighting as high-end escorts for the financially independent.

One such woman is Sydney-based mother Amanda Goff. She used to be a magazine journalist, but apparently, that very respectable career just wasn’t exciting enough for the mother of two. She now charges her male clients $800 an hour for sex. If you’re a really big spender, you can have her all night for $5,000.


Goff has even written a book about her adventures as a prostitute, called ‘Hooked – Secrets of a High-Class Escort.’

A former colleague of Goff’s told Daily Mail Australia:

“I’m not shocked at all – she’s always been a bit close to the edge. She follows her own rules. I think she’s always secretly wanted to be famous. I think she’s always wanted a life that’s bigger than what she had. To be famous and rich. And using something to catapult her into the limelight. She’s always been very bold and goes for what she wants. She’s very single-minded. I always thought she used her looks and her boldness to get what she wants.”

Goff began her career as a hooker back in 2012 at an exclusive Australian brothel. The 40-year-old claims that most of the other parents at her childrens’ school know of her questionable line of work and are perfectly comfortable with it. Riiiiiight…

The example this woman is setting for her children is atrocious. Let us know what you think of her in the comments section.

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