Fox News Guest Blasts Fellow Contributor For Interrupting Him: “Will You Shut Up?”

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Things got heated during Saturday’s episode of Cashin ‘In when frequent Fox guest Wayne Rogers gave another contributor a piece of his mind!

Rogers was on the show debating the issue of paying ransoms to terrorists along with Fox contributor Michelle Fields.

At the beginning of the segment, Rogers and Fields were in agreement that paying ransoms to terrorist groups only encourages them to kidnap more people. However, things went downhill quickly when host Eric Bolling asked what the difference is between paying ransom and swapping terrorists for American detainees.

“What’s the difference if it’s five guys or $132 million?” he asked, according to Mediaite. “You’re still negotiating.”

When Rogers quickly responded that he didn’t believe swapping prisoners was negotiating with terrorists, Fields immediately tried to talk over him, but the elderly guest was NOT having it.

“Let me finish, for God’s sake!” he shouted at Fields, throwing papers at the camera. “Will you shut up? What is the matter with you? Why do you have to talk all the time?”

Though Fields kept trying to prove her point, she was clearly flustered by Rogers’ chastisement. Eventually, he was able to get the last word in before the segment ended. 

“It is not negotiating, but you’re a moron because you talk to much and you don’t think through it,” he told her, pulling out his earpiece.

Was Rogers right in treating Fields this way? Let us know in the comments below!



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