Liberals Declare ‘Negrophobia’ Cause Of Mike Brown’s Death

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Well, folks, now we’ve heard it all! A writer for TIME’s online publication, Brandon Hill, has declared that Americans have a severe case of ‘negrophobia’, which he defines as a lethal fear of black people. This, he asserts, was what really killed Michael Brown and other African Americans who were killed at the hands of white people. Good grief.

Hill’s premise for his ridiculous article, is that negrophobia on the part of white individuals is the single thing keeping the black man down. “Studies show that Black people, particularly Black men, are the group most feared by White adults. Negrophobia fuels the triangular system of oppression that keeps people of color pinned into hapless ghettos between the pillars of militarized police, starved inner-city schools, and voracious prisons,” he writes.

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This is a common harping point for liberals, especially in Obama’s America. In their incessant effort to blame white people for all that is wrong with the world, the idea that the black community has every opportunity to pull themselves out of despair is completely lost. More black men go to prison than white men because the family unit amongst African Americans is virtually nonexistent. The thug lifestyle is cool among black youths, while attending college is not. This has nothing to do with some made up diagnosis by a misled Leftist with absolutely no medical authority.

Hill compares negrophobia to his own irrational fear of spiders. In fact, you might be duped into thinking that his article was written by a female if you didn’t know otherwise. But I assure you, he is just another pansy liberal.

If you have nothing better to do, feel free to read Hill’s pile of crap here.

So, how long before Obama signs an after-hours executive order demanding the scientific term ‘negrophobia’ be included in Webster’s Dictionary? I wonder if I can use that word in Scrabble…

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