Dangerous Amounts Of Fukushima Radiation Pose Worldwide Hazard

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When a Japanese earthquake caused heavy amounts of radiation to leak from a Fukushima plant, concerned citizens from around the world worried that the hazardous materials could spread to other corners of the Earth. Government health officials tried to ease the minds of worried Americans, all the while knowing the dangers that loomed.

Now, we have irrefutable proof that radiation from Fukushima has reached the U.S. The Journal of Environmental Science & Technology has reported that airborne levels of radioactive cesium were raised by 100 to 1,000 times. These numbers suggest that radiation levels are a whopping 500 times higher than scientists originally predicted.

That’s not just happening on American shores, but all around the world. Even hot particles and nuclear core fragments from Fukushima were found to have traveled all the way to Europe.

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This health hazard is not only seen in microscopic airborne particles, but in the fish we consume as well. Leery of radioactive material, many healthy eaters previously restricted consumption to fish from regions unlikely to be affected by the Fukushima radiation. However, we now have reason to believe that fish worldwide have been affected by the radiation, at least on some level.

Infowars reported that the radioactive half life of cesium 137 is usually about 30 years. But compounding international fears, is the fact that scientists are claiming the specific type of cesium released during the Fukushima disaster will persist in the environment between 5 and 10 times longer – between 180 and 320 years.

In addition, Fukushima produced types of radioactive material which even the world’s leading scientists have never encountered before, meaning that there is really no telling how long they will be present in the atmosphere.

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