Obama Paving The Way To Allow Hawaii To Secede From Union

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It would appear that Mr. “pen and phone,” is at it again as he has started to enact a series of policies sympathetic toward the will of Hawaii in which they wish to secede from the United States and return to a sovereign kingdom. Despite the fact that Obama has no legal authority to do so, he has clearly demonstrated, through his recent actions, a disgusting notion in which he not only supports racism, but tyranny in its entirety.

As Americans have strongly fought against tyrant rule over many years, Hawaii is seeking to do just that after being taken in as a state back in 1959. The effort to do so has been long and grueling, and as one would suspect, America is reluctant to relinquish control. According to a 2007 DOJ statement on the matter:

“Moreover, S. 310 effectively seeks to undo the political bargain through which Hawaii secured its admission into the Union in 1959. On November 7, 1950, all citizens of the Hawaiian Territory – including native Hawaiians – voted to seek admission to the United States. See, e.g., Pub. L. No. 86-3, 73 Stat. 4. By a decisive 2-1 margin, native Hawaiians themselves voted for statehood, thus voluntarily and democratically relinquishing any residual sovereignty to the United States.”

Many people know that Obama was raised in Hawaii, and the obvious sympathy is gleaming through his actions, but there is a dangerous precedent being set forward here. If Obama were to somehow weasel his way around the law and allow for Hawaii to secede from the states, he would clearly demonstrate that not only are racism and tyranny now acceptable, but so is seceding from the Union “in the pursuit of instituting a government centered on racial hierarchy,” according to TPNN.

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Now, Obama has no authority to recognize a tribe, nor does he have the power to allow a state to secede – this responsibility falls directly at the feet of legislators. Going around this fact would mean Obama is in violation of the 15th Amendment and then suited for impeachment.

Besides that, the way in which Hawaii would go about “governing” its people, would be blatantly racist giving power and authority to Hawaii natives. In fact, there would be two separate entities in Hawaii – nationals and all others who don’t fall within the prior category. With this separation comes a different governing body and even police force – all that weigh in heavy favor of those born in Hawaii.

We all know Obama to be heavy into racism, mostly that in favor of his own, but seeing his sympathy to Hawaii natives makes his bias completely and utterly clear. In a disgusting notion, Obama has demonstrated once again, that the only thing that matters is himself and his beliefs and damn any law or man that stand in his way.

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