Obama, Holder Running MASSIVE Money-Laundering Ploy To Fund Radical Left

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Under the current administration, corruption has come in all shapes and sized the root of which leading to one place – the Oval Office. As its been recently exposed, Obama, along with Attorney General Eric Holder, have been complicit in a massive money-laundering, racketeering ploy to further fund the radical left.

News of the astounding criminal act comes from the National Review Online that clearly demonstrates how those within the White House are using the full brute force of the government to take money from rather large businesses. In turn, they then divert the money into the pockets of radically left leaning organizations in a transparent effort to “fundamentally transform” America.

The analysis heavily relied on the investigative journalism of Investors Business Daily that explains the potential “fraud and extortion” charges that Obama and Holder may one day soon face. Apparently, Holder, under the order of Obama, used the power of his office (the DOJ) to put pressure on financial institutions in the form of fines and settlements – this money would then be siphoned to hardcore progressives.

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According to the National Review Online:

…Eric Holder, the Tom Hagen of this racketeering enterprise of an administration, is using the [money] that DOJ muscle is extorting from the banks to pour tens of millions of dollars into the coffers of the radical Left’s top rabble-rousers – in addition to diverting what should be public funds to pay off delinquent debts in cities that Democrats have destroyed.

This from Investors Business Daily:

Radical Democrat activist groups stand to collect millions from Attorney General Eric Holder’s record $17 billion deal to settle alleged mortgage abuse charges against Bank of America.

Buried in the fine print of the deal, which includes $7 billion in soft-dollar consumer relief, are a raft of political payoffs to Obama constituency groups. In effect, the government has ordered the nation’s largest bank to create a massive slush fund for Democrat special interests.

Besides requiring billions in debt forgiveness payments to delinquent borrowers in Cleveland, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Oakland, Detroit, Chicago and other Democrat strongholds — and up to $500 million to cover personal taxes owed on those checks — the deal requires BofA to make billions in new loans, while also building affordable low-income rental housing in those areas.

Not only do they outline exactly what Obama and Holder have been up to, but how they’ve been doing it as well. By clearly demonstrating the tactics in which they’ve used, their cryptic methods prove beyond a shadow of a doubt their corruption and complicit illegalities.

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Although the likes of the leftist leaning, and Obama supported, group ACORN has been exposed for their scandalous behavior and since been defunded, many organization just like these are getting payouts that ACORN used to receive. Via a “money laundering” scheme, Obama has been shuffling money – in a non-partisan manner of course – to radically left leaning groups like NeighborWorks.

The Review further describes:

The [Investors Business Daily] editorial goes on to explain that NeighborWorks, in fact, provided $25 million in 2008-09 to the housing division of the notorious, Obama-allied ACORN – the Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now, which ostensibly disbanded after a 2009 scandal dried up its government funding. In 2011, NeighborWorks doled out $35 million to similar groups, including the “Affordable Housing Alliance,” which pressures banks to make the kind of high-risk loans that caused the financial crisis and has ties to Obama officials.

But that’s not all – we have the what, we have the how, but exactly where were the corrupt officials looking to pinch pennies. According to IBD, by usuing high profile cases, such as the recent Bank of America settlement, they were able to maximize profits. Basically, by finding the suits in which were looking for the biggest payouts, the feds could get the most, at least percentage wise, when slapping on their fair and just fines.

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Lastly, the National Review Online states:

IBD [Investors Business Daily] reminds us that similar funding for Democrat activists has been written into the $20 billion in settlements for which JPMorgan Chase and Citibank were shaken down. This is massive fraud and extortion. The heavily regulated financial institutions are at the government’s mercy – that’s why they were making the bad loans in the first place, under pressure from politicians and the very organizations Holder is now inducing them to underwrite.

Obama and Holder have both made it disgustingly clear the lengths in which they’ve stated they would go to in order to get their ways. From brainwashing the bypassing congress, we’ve even seen them specifically targeting their opposition – the Tea Party. Lucky for we Conservatives, it seems that Obama and Holder are now guilty of targeting both sides, so that must make it even right?


If one side wasn’t getting the shaft while the other becoming exponentially richer that could have been the case – but it’s not. Feel free to let Obama and Holder have it in the comments – does this surprise any of you in the least? Is there any chance that this will come back on either of them, or is Obama the true Teflon man?

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