PHOTOS: Terrorists Get Their Hands On Fighter Jets, SCUD Missiles

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As many Americans remain beyond angered at the ground lost in Iraq at the hands of Obama’s neglect, it seems our Commander-in-Chief is set on letting terrorist groups like ISIS gain a stronger footing. Despite the sacrificed lives, blood and mentalities of countless American soldiers, the nation of Iraq is falling back into its pre-American intervention state.

Terrorists have spread propaganda photos over the internet before after capturing huge stockpiles of American surplus military vehicles, weapons and munitions left to the Iraqi military, but their most recent seizure is truly frightening.




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According to photos placed on the internet, ISIS terrorists have come into possession of fighter jets and SCUD missiles. Furthermore, they were able to obtain a cache of sidewinder missiles as well – the ones that usually fly with the fighter jets for air-to-air use.

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Beside the usual armored hummers we’ve seen them making off with or destroying, they also managed to get their hands on some serious artillery as well – a howitzer cannon.

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