Police Use Taser As ‘Cattle Prod’ To Zap Suspect 13 Times, Man Dies

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The death of an East Point, Georgia man is receiving renewed media attention after the victim’s family has filed a lawsuit against the police department responsible for their loved ones’ death. Gregory Lewis Towns Jr. was killed on April 11 after a confrontation with Cpl Howard Weems and former Sgt Marcus Eberhart, who were called to settle a domestic dispute between Towns and his girlfriend.

Towns’ death has spurred heated controversy, as a medical examiner has officially ruled it a homicide. The 24-year-old black man was tasered by the two officers 13 times in an apparent show of excessive force, after which he ended up dead. He was handcuffed and lying on the ground when he was tased.


Weems and Eberhart claim they tased Towns in an effort to get him to stand up and move, however this strategy seems odd, since tasering a suspect usually renders them unable to control their movements. Towns had fled the scene when officers showed up at the home he shared with his girlfriend. The couple has a son, who is now 7-months-old.

Law enforcement also originally claimed that they only tased Towns six times. If that had been the case, he would have survived. Neither of the officers are still employed with the department.

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According to records stored on the officers’ tasers, Eberhardt triggered his taser 10 times to Weems’ three times.

Chris Stewart, the attorney representing Towns’ family, says the cops broke their own rules. “This situation is indefensible,” Stewart told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. He furthered:

“He wasn’t cursing. He wasn’t being abusive. He was saying, ‘I’m tired.’ They used their tasers as a cattle prod on Mr. Towns while handcuffed. Mr. Towns’ killing is not about race. It’s about police brutality…going to the extreme.”


Do you think that more facts will be revealed in this case which might vindicate the officers who killed Towns, as has happened in the Michael Brown narrative? Or, does this appear to be an undeniably heinous example of police brutality? Sound off in the comments section!

H/T: MailOnline

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