Megyn Kelly RIPS Apart Liberal Trying To Defend Obama


August 28, 2014 11:27am PST

Obama, if anything, has proven very strongly that he is no longer interested in the governing of the nation in which he was elected President. As many Americans grow tired of this reality, Megyn Kelly recently made a few waves after destroying a Liberal trying to defend Obama’s actions.

Between the situation in Ferguson, Missouri, the beheading of American journalist James Foley, ISIS taking over Iraq and all the other countless scandals his office is currently facing, you’d think the golf course would be the last on his list of priorities.

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Recently on her show, Kelly had on a former Harry Reid adviser who sought to justify the partying and fundraising of Obama all the while neglecting his duties. It wasn’t long before the host couldn’t take the mediocre excuses as she interrupted saying, “Really? He’s going to take a time out from all the work he’s been doing in the Vineyard to go do some fundraising while we consider whether we need to bomb Syria? Get back to governing! Americans could die!”

The President has proven that he not only doesn’t care much for the state of our nation, but that the only thing he’s waiting for is his second term to expire. Once he was re-elected by the morons who thought that somehow the second term somehow differ than his first, his work ethic and valuable output have significantly decreased even further.

The question here is – will he make it through his second neglectful term fully, or will Americans oust him long before that point?


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