Police Handler Lets Dog Urinate On Mike Brown Memorial

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Reports have surfaced that bystanders witnessed a police officer allowing his dog to urinate on the spot where Michael Brown was shot and killed on August 9. A day later, a memorial was erected in the same spot for the 18-year-old, which is where the dog apparently relieved himself.

Unnamed police officers are also reported to have driven over the flowers and candles Brown’s mother had placed at the memorial, crushing them. If these reports are in fact true, these actions by law enforcement likely spurred the violent protests which followed.


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Missouri state Representative Sharon Pace, whose district includes the neighborhood where the shooting occurred, remarked, “That made people in the crowd mad and it made me mad.”

Police dogs were at the scene of the protests to quell rioters and the animals can’t help but relieve themselves. Still, do you think it was insensitive of law enfacement to allow a dog to urinate on Michael Brown’s memorial, after which they drove over the flowers and candles his mother had placed there? Give us your take in the comments section.

H/T: MailOnline

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