The Desert Festival Where Drugs Are On Tap & Orgies Abound

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This time every year, more than 70,000 people flock to Nevada’s Black Rock Desert for a week long festival filled with every kind of debauchery you could imagine. It’s called Burning Man.


This gathering is not for the faint of heart.

Newcomers to the Burning Man festival are dumbed ‘virgins’ by more seasoned patrons. They ring a bell when they enter the front gate, after which they are promptly smacked on the bottom by a complete stranger and asked to roll around in the dirt ‘to make love with the dust’.

Burning Man is all about free love, acceptance and art. Anything goes at this festival.





Nudity is encouraged and it’s not uncommon for attendees to walk about completely naked, especially the women. Hallucinogenic drugs are on tap and wild orgies rage on at all hours of the day and night.




Money isn’t allowed at this hedonistic festival. The partiers barter for what they want. It’s like different world which springs up in the middle of the desert for one week each year. This year’s Burning Man festival kicked off on Monday, but was impeded by rain, and will last until Sunday.

As described by MailOnline:

At Burning Man, the hallucinogenic drugs are on tap as people strip down to virtually nothing and dance late into the night on top of weird ‘mutant’ vehicles done up to look like everything from alligators or space ships.

Vast constructions in the shape of fantastical buildings rise from the sand to complete the impression that you have landed on another planet.

But it’s the casual sex that is the chief attraction to a festival that last year drew 68,000 people to the remote Black Rock Desert, and which this week is being attended by tens of thousands more.


Those who attend Burning Man, which is in it’s 28th year of existence, are called ‘burners’ and as you might imagine, they are quite eccentric. The atmosphere of the festival only encourages this eccentricity, which makes for a wild week of sex, drugs and art. High on hallucinogenics, burners strip down and dance late into the night as fire lights the sky.

70,000 free-spirits in the middle of the desert with absolutely no inhibitions … What could go wrong?

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