Fox News Host Destroys Muslim Extremist On Live TV

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Sean Hannity has never been one to keep his opinions to himself, so it came as no surprise when he gave this crazy Imam a dose of reality!

Famous radical Imam Anjem Choudary came on Sean Hannity’s show to blame America for the death of photojournalist James Foley, but the host wasn’t having any of it!

“You have blamed the killing of this photojournalist on America,” Hannity said, according to The Blaze. “Do you support ISIS demanding that Christians, the Yazidis, ‘convert to Islam or die?’ Do you support that?”

Choudary chose to completely ignore this question, instead rattling off a list of things America had done to Syria and saying that “every cause has an effect.”

The Imam finished by claiming that Christians were never told to “convert to Islam or die” by the ISIS. After hearing this ridiculous statement, Hannity could take no more.

“It absolutely happened,” Hannity interjected. “Obviously, you need an education. Imam, let me educate you, because obviously you are pretty ignorant.”

“We have video of children who have been beheaded, like this photojournalist,” he added. “Women and children with their heads placed on a stick after they’ve been beheaded, and we have one report after another of people who’ve been killed, chased out of their homes.”

Choudary then continued to try to dance around the truth, but Hannity would not let him get away that easily.

“You’re not honest,” Hannity told the Imam, later claiming that “every radical Islamist like you will be wiped off the face of the earth.”

After Choudary’s final attempts to dance around his questions, Hannity had no choice but to end the interview; but he had one final question for the Muslim extremist:

“Are you deaf, dumb, AND ignorant??”

Yes, he appears to be all three…


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