North Korea Deems U.S. “Laughing Stock Of The World” Over Ferguson Riots

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As much of the world has laughed at the nation due to the handling of the crisis in Ferguson, it appears that North Korea couldn’t hold back their insults any longer as well. In a not-so-shocking announcement, the long time rival of America,  and apparent human rights defenders, has stated that the situation has made us, “the laughing stock of the world.”

Along with the snide jabs taken at both Obama and America, while being interviewed by the state run news agency KCNA, a spokesman for North Korea’s Foreign Minister was questioned on America’s, “serious racial discrimination.” In questions undoubtedly scripted, and obviously guided, the spokesman relayed, “Some days ago, a black teenager was shot to death by a white policeman in Ferguson City, Missouri State, the U.S. and police ruthlessly cracked down on protesters, leveling their rifles at them and firing tear gas and smoke shells.”

“The U.S. is, indeed, a country wantonly violating the human rights where people are subject to discrimination and humiliation due to their races and they are seized with such horror that they do not know when they are shot to death,” the spokesperson further described. “The protests in Ferguson City and other parts of the U.S. are an eruption of the pent-up discontent and resistance of the people against racial discrimination and inequality deeply rooted in the American society.”

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The opportunity for North Korean propaganda was far from over however as it was demanded that the United States face trial in a human rights court. Perhaps the funniest thing about the “holier-than-thou” statement, is that several other countries have demanded just that regarding North Korea itself.

The only reason for the delay in outcry against the states can only be perceived as North Korea’s attempt to blatantly jab America on the world’s stage. It wasn’t until all other nations quieted, as well as the commotion in Ferguson as well, that the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea decided to speak up.

It can only be assumed that this was North Korea’s way of telling the United States to back off when it comes to how things are handled in one’s own country. It either that, or because Kim Jong-un finally made it back to a part of his country that had television, but who knows?

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