Discovery Channel Cancels “Sons Of Guns” After Star’s Rape Arrest

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Earlier today Mr. Conservative reported that the star of the reality television series, “Sons of Guns,” has not only been accused of molesting an 11-year-old girl, but was arrested for her rape as well. As a result, the Discovery Channel has since cancelled the show entirely.

The Discovery Channel is already getting flack for rushing to conclusions on this case, as a Facebook page boycotting the channel has gone viral.

Initially brought in on molestation charges, William Hayden, had been accused of having inappropriate sexual relations with a little girl. After being released he was quick to say that the allegations were just made up lies coming from a jealous ex.

After his own daughter recently backed the claims however, it was said that Hayden not only molested the girl, but raped her, “almost daily.” Taking the girls virginity back in March of 2013, the girl was said to have suffered at the hands of Hayden until she told someone in July of 2014.

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Stating that she didn’t come before because Hayden threatened her physically, the television star’s daughter explained to police that her father had told the girl, “Don’t tell them nothing, because I’m all you got.” He was then arrested and released on the same day after posting his $150,000 bond.

Since the time of his most recent arrest, the channel that hosts the television show in which he stars in, “Sons of Guns,” has cancelled the show. According to a release by the Discovery Channel:

“Given the serious and horrific nature of the charges against Will Hayden, we have decided to halt further production of ‘Sons of Guns’ and cancel the series.”

Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?

If you also think that Will Hayden is being railroaded, you should check out the viral Facebook page that is protesting his show’s cancellation. Here, people are arguing that in this country, a man is innocent until proven guilty.

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