Leaked Photos Show Terrorist Training Grounds


August 27, 2014 1:14pm PST

The terrorist organization known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has recently made a huge error – so much in fact that they’ve accidentally exposed their training grounds. Discovered by a crowd-funded, citizen journalist group via propaganda images released by the group in league with internet mapping services, they were able to track down the exact route “graduates” march down during ceremonies.

Despite Obama referring to the group as “JV” (junior varsity), the extremist organization has taken full advantage of America’s worriless standpoint. Using the war in both Iraq and Syria to further their expansion, it wasn’t until the beheading of American journalist James Foley that the administration reassessed their stance on the group.




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Although ISIS may actually get lucky once in a while though, they’re far less experienced and their operational failures should be taken advantage of to the fullest extent. Recently one such failure has come to light as the group posted propaganda pictures that accidentally exposed the location of their training grounds.



Via good ol’ fashioned investigative journalism, the folks over at Bellingcat were able to use things such as Google Maps along with the photos in order to pinpoint their position. As seen in several of the photos, by using landmarks, the journalists were able to hone in on the area and eventually expose the terrorists.



As ISIS continues to evolve from “JV team,” to effective killing militant force, one can only hope that American officials will take advantage of any intelligence, however it is offered, to put as much hurt as they possibly can on these Muslim barbarians.


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