Did The Bible Actually Reveal The Name Of The Antichrist?

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Explosive claims are being shot around the internet currently as a video makes its way around suggesting the Bible may have exposed the name of the antichrist. The video is being equally perceived in two ways – support and opposition – but it is recommended that the video be watched in its entirety before assertions are made.

That being said, for those unaware, the antichrist is said to be a man, operating as the hand of Satan during the end days. Following the rapture (where God takes those who believe up into heaven) there is said to be seven more years until the end of the earth in which the antichrist will unite the world.

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As the world falls under his leadership, many will proclaim him to be God himself and this is his true purpose according to the scripture. In an attempt to ensure as little amount of souls make it to heaven as possible, the man, with Satan’s spirit embedded within him, prepares for a war during a later time by deceiving as many as he can into following him into hell.

It is recommended that the video be taken with a grain of salt as it in no way is claimed to absolute truth as even the videos creator mentions. The fact of the matter here is that the video offers a significant amount of proof suggesting that this may actually be true.

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According to video, the name of the antichrist is, “Baraq Bamah.”

The real question is though – where do you stand? Could this be true or is it simply more nonsense from the tin-foil hat brigade?

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