Young Thug Beats Defenseless Man Without Provocation

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In a video sure to infuriate, a young thug recently attacked a defenseless man all without provocation. Seemingly in effort of internet fame, as it was being recorded by an accomplice, the thug approached a man and contemplated the attack for quite some time all the while bearing a smile upon his face.

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As the man – presumed to be homeless and/or drunk – sat on the bench faced with his soon-to-be aggressor, it was clear that he, in no way, was prepared for a physical altercation. After winding himself up enough, the thug proceeded with the attack leaving the man slumped over on the bench where he originally sat.

The video, in all its glory, has left many people asking, “what would you have done?” Surprisingly, the vast majority are saying that if it was them being attacked, they would have simply shot the thug in order to preserve and protect their own life. What do you think – would that have been justifiable?

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