Police Forced To Apologize For This Racist Bumper Sticker

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Chris Kantos, a Massachusetts pedestrian, was walking in the Boston area on Sunday morning, when he noticed an alarming bumper sticker displayed on a police cruiser. Kantos was immediately offended by the sticker, which read, “Racial Profiling Saves Lives.”

He snapped a photo and sent a tweet to the Massachusetts State Police and Gov. Deval Patrick, saying, “Can anyone help me comprehend this @MassStatePolice bumper parked in Boston? Vandalism I hope? cc: @MassGovernor.”

Originally, the police department tried to deny involvement with the controversial bumper sticker in a comment which accused Kantos of photoshopping the image. A spokesperson for law enforcement tweeted,[email protected] @MassGovernor Unknown to Tpr assigned cruiser, we checked immediately. No bumper sticker. #photoshopfail.”

Kantos replied, “Why on earth would I photoshop something like that?” and was vindicated just a day later, when an investigation led police to find that one of their cruisers did in fact display the bumper sticker. They were forced to make a public apology on Monday, saying, “Sorry for any earlier confusion of authenticity.”

Kantos was quick to forgive, tweeting, “That’s good to hear. Seemed very unlikely it was a MSP condoned action. Thanks for the follow up.”

Still, another Twitter user named Steve mentioned that the police department’s original dismissal didn’t look too good for law enforcement. He tweeted, “Gotta say, the immediate defensive crouch and cover up OVER A STICKER isn’t a good look on today of all days.”

Even if racial profiling really does save lives, in light of the Michael Brown shooting controversy, racial tensions are running high and it would have behooved law enforcement to handle their investigation a bit more professionally.

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