Racist Pro-Amnesty Lib Gets OWNED By African American Man

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This awesome video recently surfaced on BuzzPo.com. It shows a Hispanic Univision reporter interviewing a presumably Conservative man who had just gotten beat up by pro-amnesty thugs at an L.A. rally. The man was hit in the head with a frozen Coke can as the pro-illegal immigration crowd attacked law-abiding Americans who were peacefully protesting. The reporter is clearly a race-baiting liberal, as you will be able to tell as soon as she opens her mouth.

The Hispanic reporter, who can barely speak English, asks the white man who was beaten up if he is a racist. He is white and supports securing our country’s borders, so in her mind, he is a bonafide racist. The man responds with more logic than the liberal reporter can grasp:

“No, I’m not a racist. Why do you ask that? Why is it that people who stand up for America, and who want to protect our own borders, why are we always trying to be backed up with the racist thing? I’m standing here with a black man! If I was a racist … this is my brother right here! If I’m standing with him, how can I be a racist?”

This black man, Jesse Lee Peterson, who attended the rally with his bloodied white friend, was quickly fed up with the reporter and stepped in to defend his buddy. He turned the tables on the reporter, asking if she was the one who was racist. “That’s a dumb question to ask!” he says, after telling the reporter that if she truly loved America, she would be picketing beside them. Peterson furthers, “You’re asking that question so you can use it on your program to make him look like a racist.”

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At this point, a witness filming the exchange between the parties zooms in on the reporter’s microphone to show that she is shaking in embarrassment after being called out by Peterson.

He continues with his epic rant:

“What don’t you ask me, ‘am I racist?’ Because I’m black, right? I love America too, and I think these illegal aliens need to be shipped back to their country. So why is that racist? You’re a racist for asking him that question. And you’re only doing it because he’s white and that’s what you’re going to show on your report tonight. You shouldn’t play that kind of game. That’s a dumb question! You should be ashamed of yourself! People are in America, taking advantage of all the benefits America has to offer, and your only comment’s, ‘are you a racist?’ That doesn’t make any sense.”


I think it’s safe to say that this liberal reporter learned her lesson. The next time she’s looking for a racist to exploit on national TV, she needs only to look in the mirror.

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