Fox Host RIPS Russell Brand, Calls Him “Commie Scum”

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Russell Brand has been allotting quite a bit of his free time lately in order to refute the words of, and personally attack, Fox News and Conservative leaning folk. Amongst those fed up, Greg Gutfeld has had just about enough and decided to prove just that lately as he ripped into the so-called comic deeming him, “commie scum.”

Amidst discussions of Ferguson on The Five, Gutfeld interjected by saying, “You know it’s bad when a left-wing commie scum named Russell Brand weighs in.” Specifically speaking out Brand’s recent analysis in which he condemned Jason Riley for betraying his, “racial roots for Fox News,” the host went on to say that its people like Brand who are not only the real racists, but keep racism alive.

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Saying Brand poked fun at Riley’s, “white person type voice,” Gutfeld expressed his utmost disgust in the comic’s antics. He eventually touched on the bigger issues Brand should focus on saying that radical Islam, “is spewing from his homeland, but he’s too much of a coward to actually focus on that.”

Has Brand come off as a “holier than thou” in recent days with little to no justification? It seems that a drug addicted foreigner would have no right arguing the ethics of another country, especially one that comes from another nation with its own fair share of issues.

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