“Sons Of Guns” Reality Star Arrested For Child Rape

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The star of the reality television series “Sons of Guns,” has recently been arrested and brought up on child rape charges just two weeks after accusations arose. William Hayden’s victim was said to suffer sexual abuses at his hands over the span of months starting when she was just 11 years old.

According to the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office, Hayden, 49, was arrested in Livingston Parish, Louisiana just two weeks after being accused of raping a little girl. His victim went on to explain to police that he had taken her virginity back in March 2013 when she was just 11 years old.

Initially, the finger pointing started about two weeks ago, but was quickly hushed as Hayden sought to suggest they were merely the workings of a jealous ex. After being questioned by TMZ, he suggested that his ex, and mother to one of his children, went to authorities with the outrageous claims in order to enact revenge.

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Sadly for Hayden, and the little girl in which he victimized, the allegations turned out to be true as he was recently taken into custody. As per the police report, Hayden’s victim didn’t come forward initially as she was threatened by the man physically.

She further went to explain the he said, “Don’t tell them nothing, because I’m all you got.”

This isn’t the first time Hayden’s had run-ins with the law as he was investigated back in 2009 by the ATF for 10 unregistered firearms. Furthermore, relatives tried to sue him back in 2013, “claiming he and his ex-wife had previously given them shares in the company – before transferring part of the company to a new name and rendering the shares worthless,” according to the Mail Online.

He insisted that, “he had transferred some of the business to comply with the ATF and federal regulations regarding automatic firearms,” and really never meant to deceive anyone at all.

Hayden has since posted $150,000 and was released on the day of his arrest.

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