Shocking Discovery Claims To Prove The 9/11 Narrative Is False

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Just like every major incident that has come to pass, several different versions of the 9/11 narrative exist to this day. As many were taught that there’s no such thing as a coincidence however, one fact that was exposed has many people raising their eyebrows.

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According to several news reports, the passport of one terrorist who had hijacked a plane, miraculously survived the crash and managed to make its way several blocks from where the World Trade Centers once stood. Despite the black boxes being incinerated in the crashes, somehow, the paper passport, not only made it, but was discovered sometime down the road.

Although many believe that this was fact, those who’ve heard about it suggest that the likelihood in which that would happen, is far too slim to believe. So which is it – lucky coincidence or staged evidence indicative of a conspiracy?

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