Vet Warned Restaurant Not Safe For Whites, Left With Brain Damage

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32-year-old Ralph Weems IV is currently in a medically induced coma at North Mississippi Medical Center after suffering a brutal attack with apparent racial motives.

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Outnumbered: There was no way for Weems to fight off the 20 black thugs who brutally attacked him.

Weems and his friend David Knighten visited a Mississippi Waffle House on Saturday night. They were pulled aside before entering by a concerned black patron, who warned the white men that tensions were high among blacks at the restaurant who were still angry over the death of Michael Brown. This black man went so far as to say that it was not a safe place for whites to be. Weems, a veteran of the Iraq war, was not about to let a few thugs scare him off.

Once inside the restaurant, Weems became involved in a confrontation with seven black customers who were presumably angered at his presence there. A Waffle House employee reported that police were called to the scene of the altercation, but after they left, matters got exponentially worse.


A fight broke out at a Mississippi Waffle House between Iraq war veteran, Ralph Weems, and a mob of black customers still outraged over the fatal shooting of Michael Brown.

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Weems was later confronted by a mob of 20 blacks in the parking of a nearby Huddle House, where they beat him senseless and rendered him brain damaged. The former Marine was outnumbered by his racist attackers, reported his horrified friend, who was defenseless in stopping the fight. “I do remember racial slurs being yelled from the crowd,” Knighten reported.


The beating took place in the parking lot of this West Point Huddle House.

22-year-old Courtez McMillian has since been arrested in connected with the brutal attack and charged with aggravated assault. More arrests are expected to follow.


22-year-old Courtez McMillian has been charged with aggravated assault.

Weems put life and limb on the line so that thugs like McMillian can enjoy the freedoms which this great country offers. The way these thugs repaid him is sickening. Give these bottom feeders a piece of your mind in the comments section.

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