Terrorist Accidentally Martyred With Defective Rocket Launcher, Gets 72 Virgins

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As more and more videos are released, terrorists are beginning to get the reputation of a kid in a candy shop rather than that of an effective killing machine. As recent video goes to prove just that as after getting his new toy, he just had to get out there a shoot it – unfortunately for him, it didn’t go so well.

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Muslim extremists often buy cheaper weapons that are either not as high quality or are old and used – the fact that you get what you pay for however doesn’t seem to bother them in the least. As videos such as this are available by the handfuls online, its clear that they’re probably not going to learn their lesson anytime soon.

As seen in the clip, this terrorist who was trying to shoot what looks like an M-72 LAW rocket launcher it ends up malfunctioning sending the terrorist to meet his maker. Rest assured though, this man surely was rewarded with his 72 virgins.

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