Burglar Faces Instant Justice, Plunges Nine Stories To His Death

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A thief was recently caught on tape trying to make off with a dastardly plan when it all went to hell in a hand basket. After making his way to the roof where he intended to “zip line” off the roof via a telephone wire and make off with the goods.

Instead however, as Natella Aksakova filmed from a nearby apartment complex in Zelenogorsk, near St. Petersburg, Russia, the plan didn’t go as intended. The 43-year-old man, Nikita Dragarov, was seen trying to whip a towel over the connected telephone wire where he was successful and prepared to dismount.

Unfortunately for the man, he lost his grip and plummeted toward the ground from 100 feet up where he died upon impact.

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According to one witness, “He managed to move a few meters on the wire and then suddenly he seemed to lose his grip and the towel opened up.” Aksakova further relayed, “He just fell until he hit the ground still clutching the towel. It was horrible.”

She went on to say, “We watched on helplessly as the man smashed to the ground with a thump. He was up to no good up there, but nobody deserves to die in such a horrible way.”

Police have since come forward to explain that Dragarov was actually a career criminal who was trying to flee at the time of his death. They also explained that, “Prosecutors were already preparing a further criminal case against him so he had good cause to be willing to try desperate measures to flee.”

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