“Jihad John”: British Extremist In James Foley Execution Video Identified

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As the search for vengeance continues in pursuit of the man shown in the video in which American journalist James Foley was executed, officials believe they know who the man responsible is. Only going by the name “John,” authorities state that he originates from London’s East End and belongs to a group of murderous militants known as, “The Beatles.”

The man now being dubbed as, “Jihad John,” is believed to be one of just 500 Islamists that have flocked to the Middle East in order to participate in the onslaught of those standing against Muslim extremism. In league with the UK, the United States has launched a full scale operation in which they are searching for John in order to bring him to justice.

As Barack Obama has claimed that “justice will be done,” many remain skeptical of the president’s promises, that on frequent occasion, turn out to be nothing more than empty words. As John called out Obama, and personally blamed him for the death of Foley, it seems a more strenuous effort to locate the man has been put into play.


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As it turns out, John was actually a rapper that is known by the name Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary. As more information comes out about the man now known as Bary, a series of photos have been released showing his transformation from up and coming rapper, to Muslim extremist militant.

Apparently he had left his parents $1 million dollar estate in Syria in an effort of riches and fame. Videos, such as the one below, have also been discovered of the man during his pre-jihadist days. His social media accounts drastically evolved as though he’s always criticized, “western propaganda,” they began to include connotations such as, “Shame on you Muslims that are embarrassed of mujahids/jihads…” along side of his photos.

See those photos below:















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In another photo, he wrote, “Those who strive to defend the lives and freedom of helpless women and children are branded as blackguards, extremists, Islamists and terrorists.” Although Bary is only one of the suspected identities of “Jihad John,” many are convinced that it is him as he is currently in Syria fighting.

Seen posting photos on social media with severed heads and crude jokes, his friends however say this is unlike him. One friend explained, “He had the talent – he could have been as big as Dizzee Rascal. He was doing music with huge names in the underground scene. People have got into his head – it’s transformed a talented young guy into a vengeful extremist.”


Either way, Bary is actually in Syria fighting with the ISIS, the only question here is – could this actually be the man who was seen in the video and beheaded American journalist James Foley?

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