Inhumane Muslim Killers Seen Horrifically Tormenting Animals During “Safari”

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WARNING: The video above is extremely graphic.

A hunting outfit has found itself in a bit of hot water recently after releasing what they thought to be an excellent promotional video. After the filth spread across the web however, the group owned by United Arab Emirates, has been deemed disgustingly inhumane after committing several unethical atrocities toward animals during “safaris”.

Green Mile Safari has since been condemned by several of the world’s top hunting and conservation groups as well as being entirely kicked from Tanzania. According to Clash Daily, “The video, which was meant as a promotional tool, shows individuals hunting with automatic weapons, hunting female and young animals, using vehicles to chase and knock down animals and hunting protected species.”

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It should go without saying that the horrific acts seen in this video are completely unethical in which even the Dallas Safari Club explained that they, “contacted Tanzania’s new Minister of Tourism and Natural Resources, the Honorable Lazaro S. Nyalandu, to express indignation over the safari company’s apparent misconduct.”

Of course, feeling somehow as though their actions are justified and acceptable, the group is fighting their ousting and suing Tanzania in the mean time. Aren’t we, as civilized human beings, to be held at a higher level when participating in the taking of a life no matter the form?

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