Shocking New Evidence Robin Williams DID NOT Commit Suicide

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Every year in the United States, 1,000 people die accidentally while practicing a dangerous form of masturbation called Autoerotic Asphyxiation. Countless more die from AEA, but their deaths are covered up by family members who stage them to look like suicides. The video above provides strong evidence that the late comedian Robin Williams was one of these individuals.

Shortly after the news of Robin Williams’ death shocked the world, Mr. Conservative brought you the controversial report regarding his involvement with AEA. Many scoffed at this idea, but it is beginning to look more and more likely that the comedian’s third wife, Susan Schneider, helped to stage his death as a suicide after she found that her husband had died during AEA.

To many who followed Williams’ death closely, the timeline of events did not add up. Reportedly, he was last seen by Schneider at around 10pm the night before he was found dead by his assistant. When medical professionals showed up to his residence and pronounced Williams dead at around noon, rigor mortis had already set in. This suggests that he had already been dead between 12 and sixteen hours. It is highly unlikely that such acute rigor mortis would have taken affect if Williams had in fact killed himself after 10pm the night before. What is much more likely, is that Schneider discovered her husband dead due to AEA, and then subsequently staged his death, allowing his assistant to find him.

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Several YouTube users appear to agree with the notion that Williams died accidentally due to complications with AEA. Michael Alvarado wrote:

“The problem is that there are easier ways of hanging ones’s self if that is what he was trying to accomplish. The way he died is all too similar to the way people who participate in AEA do it. So unless he wanted to hang himself with the chance to escape, then most of the evidence points to AEA as the most logical explanation for the circumstances. “

Another YouTube user, only identified as ZombieTex, commented:

“Okay, that’s a very interesting theory. All things considered, it makes at least as much sense as a suicide. He didn’t leave a note. He wasn’t hanging, He was just sitting in a char leaning away from the door jam to cause constriction around his neck. I’ve never heard of anyone who was actually trying to kill themselves by sitting down in a chair and leaning against the pull of a belt. I’ll have to wait a while before I make up my mind as to what I believe.”

Williams was not the first actor to allegedly engage in AEA. David Carradine died from AEA in 2011 and none of his friends or family was around to cover up his behavior when he was found in a Thai hotel. Thus, his dirty laundry was made public.

Are you starting to see some holes in the narrative that Robin Williams committed suicide as a result of prolonged depression and anxiety? Indeed, he was a man who loved his children deeply and had everything to live for. It’s hard to imagine that he decided to throw it all away. Give us your take on this in the comments section.

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