Fox Interview Takes Shocking Turn When Political Rapper Goes On Rant

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News interviews have had their fair share of mishaps, but what one recently was faced with was nothing short of bizarre. Amidst speaking about an upcoming concert, the front man for the band The Coup, Boots Riley, went on an aggressively Communist rant.

After slamming the United States as a nation in a spiel circling around Capitalism and corporate greed, he suggested that those on the same page must act in more aggressive means in order to bring about a revolution. Although the host was able to quickly, and purposefully, bring about the conversation back to the concert, management at Fox was none too pleased.

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According to an email sent down by producers:

“Fox 8 was not the time or opportunity for Boots to go on his political rant. With his statements he not only hurt our station’s credibility but also the festival’s. I was looking to do a fun interview and it turned into something entirely different. We will not be reaching out for any interviews in the future.”

Given that capitalism has allowed for him to create a band and profit by it, you would think that he would be a bit more grateful to the “system” that has allowed for it. After all, although it’s highly unlikely, should Mr. Riley become extremely famous and rich, where do you think his Communist ideals would stand when the government sought to take a large majority of his earnings and deal it out to those simply looking for a handout?

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